I’ll also be posting the girls individually in the upcoming week so you can see all their outfit details!


Anonymous asked:

// Hey, can I please make a request? Could you please draw Moana Waialiki from the upcoming Disney film Moana? She's polynesian, and really really awesome and kick-ass. Thank you <3


Oh man, yes I can! All the stuff I’ve seen doesn’t have much detail on her design, but I’d love to do a picture of her - I’ll do it soon. :D


the-dreamers-letters asked:

I am so excited for you to finish your Sailor Moon roller derby picture, you have no idea! =D It looks amazing so far, and I am so jealous! I wish I could draw as well as you! ^^


Thank you!! I had to take a day off from it to work a portfolio piece but it should be finished this weekend! I’m so glad you like it <333


Hey y’all - so, being short on cash and loving this movie so much, I entered the WeLoveFine’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 shirt design contest! I’d really appreciate it if y’all would help me out and vote! I had a lot of fun with this one :)))

Vote here!

Reblogs are super helpful! <3

Just a reminder guys - this ends super soon and I’d really love if you had a second to vote for my entry please :) Thanks again for all the reblogs friends, they’ve been really great!

Drawing Requests!


I want to open up for some commissions soon and since there’s been a real influx of followers I thought I would open up requests so I have some examples to show! I’m so SO thankful you guys are liking and reblogging my stuff seriously it’s so nice I’m always happy and sparkly after seeing y’all like my work!

I’ll do some OCs and I can do fanart too although if it’s a show/etc. I don’t know very well I’ll try my best! Hit me up! :)

WIP sketchiness of the Sailor Scouts as roller derby girls. Clearly my skills are only suited for pretty girls and roller derby. Still debating if I wanna add Saturn?? I probably will who am I kidding


Doodling with some new brushes and practicing on my number one gal