Inspired by this post about sports animes and these clips of real life dreams coming true, I whipped up my own cast of roller derby sports anime like the true dork I am. Sorry it’s so scribbly, I’m probably gunna draw them again anyway haha.


Gifs of the girls! I’ve never really done any gifs and to be honest I’ve always been terrible at animating even though I wanna work in animation, haha. But this was a nice experiment! I still don’t think I’m saving these right since they look pretty pixelated but I’ll figure it out.

Some scribbly Shakespeare kids I did while watching my favorite Fast&Furious movies


I had this sketch lying around for quite some while and wanted to work on something today, so here’s some very luxurious ladies of Legend of Korra (and Asami!) I’m all for leaving the boys in the dust for more fun lady times. I’ve gotten really into painting gold lately.

In honor of book 3 airing today, I’m reblogging my most successful post (by farrrrr) of my two fav ladies!


Anonymous asked:

Can I ask a question about your process for your bigger pieces that have backgrounds? I'm just wondering how you start since I always get so lost when I'm trying to plan everything??


Sure! I actually do some really shitty thumbnails before doing anything. This is one I’m working on right now:

Mostly I figure out what is important first. I know I want some mysterious moonlight falling upon my sinner lady and I want the minister to be creepily behind her, rosary in hand. The first comp went pretty well, but I’m not getting in the dramatic shadows I really want to showcase with that snazzy moonlight, so I move onto thumbnail 2, which is sadly much more difficult to just jot down, so I throw some very loose and probably inaccurate perspective in by starting with the floor as the base of the box and building from there. After this, I sometimes go into Google SketchUp, build some sort of mock up and rotate it around until I get an idea of the perspective being correct. Then I’ll either screenshot that and redraw my sketch overtop the model in photoshop, or I’ll look at it while drawing for reference. And the it’s on to coloring and such. Sometimes I do b+w first, then use gradient maps, overlay, and color layers to color an image, or sometimes I know off the bat what I want my colors to be. With bigger pieces, I’ll go back to the thumbnail and do a color thumb to make sure I’m not throwing in too many colors and my lighting looks unified.

That’s sort of the sparknotes version, but I don’t want to ramble. Let me know if you want to know more!


Evil ministers and photoshop experiments!

Oops wrong blog!

Inspired by my roadtrip across the country that I did two weeks ago! [I don’t have a VW bus but ah well.]
A speed paint I did to get me back into the groove of full comps again. This was also a test to see how the color on my new monitor is looking compared to my old, so if the colors looks a lil wonky, I’m still working on it!

A 15 min warm up I did based on this photo of the most beautiful girl ever sigh I love freckles <3333